5 Interesting Facts About Ancient Land of Bihar

Many times, we have heard or seen others denigrate the Bihari people or the way they speak; they frequently get labeled uncivilized beings. This is frightening and shows how racially divisive our society has become. Bihar is only a victim of widespread bigotry and stereotypes. After reading this piece, you won't ever again perceive Bihar in the same light. So let's continue and prepare to be astounded by these incredible facts about Bihar.

Mar 27, 2023 - 13:43
Mar 27, 2023 - 14:16
5 Interesting Facts About Ancient Land of Bihar
What pictures do you have in your head when you hear the name "Bihar"? Undoubtedly, illiteracy, poverty, and backwardness. Well, this post is prepared to shake up the paradigm you already have. Surprising to many, Bihar was one of the biggest kingdoms in history and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world. Although, it is viewed as a poor state today, did you know that one of the few locations in India where one may thoroughly study India's rich history is Bihar itself? It is one location where you may discover the country's ancient myths and understand why India was called the golden bird.
After reading this piece, you won't ever again perceive Bihar in the same light. So let's continue and prepare to be astounded by these incredible facts about Bihar.     

1) The Place that birthed Buddhism and Jainism 
Yes, only in Bihar could Buddhism and Jainism, two of the world's most widely practiced religions, emerge and flourish. Did you know that the idea of non-violence was first developed in Bihar? Yes, that all took place thousands of years ago under the oversight of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira, the two men who birthed Buddhism and Jainism, respectively. Sadly, humans have never been able to comprehend the advantages of non-violence.                                  

2) Home to the World's Oldest Hindu Temple
The Mundeshwari Devi Temple, which is nestled in the Kaimur district approximately 210 kilometers from Patna, is thought to be the oldest running Hindu temple in the nation. Every year, millions of visitors and Hindu worshippers visit the temple, which is devoted to Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva. It was founded, according to historical sources, during the start of the second century. However, according to local folklore, it is also said to have existed at the time before the Common Era. Every history enthusiast should visit this spot while in Bihar.

3. Bihar, a prominent Place During The Vedic Period PC
If you are unfamiliar with Bihar's past, you may be shocked to learn that the region originally served as a major hub for international trade and politics. Bihar was regarded as one of the world's most powerful kingdoms throughout the Vedic Period and thereafter. The three main Bihar areas that are mentioned most frequently in ancient scriptures are Magadha, Mithila, and Anga. These kingdoms all experienced long periods of prosperity.
4) The Home of IAS Officers 

The fact that Bihar creates a majority of IASs is widely acknowledged. Yes, the state that is sometimes referred to as the "land of the illiterate" has also produced the most IAS officials in the history of the nation. Hence, it wouldn't be inaccurate to label the Biharis, as a bunch of hard-working and industrious people. 

5) Finger-Licking Cuisine 

Another thing that should be acknowledged about Bihar is its delectable cuisine. Litti-chokha, a combination meal of mashed potatoes and dough balls packed with sattu is so admired that any visitor to Bihar is sure to experience its mouthwatering flavor. The ancient state is also noted for its ghugni, dhuska, pittha, and kadhi-bari cuisines. Therefore, everyone who enjoys cuisine should put Bihar on their travel wish list so that they can enjoy some of the most flavourful meals of their lifetime.

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