KISS – A valentines guide to the perfect week

As we know, people celebrate festivals in India with enthusiasm, whether it’s Holi, Diwali, Christmas, etc. A festival has a history and significance of its own. Similarly, around the world, Valentine’s Week is still celebrated and has its own tradition behind it.

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KISS – A valentines guide to the perfect week

While a most awaited (or not) Valentine’s week has begun, we would surely want you to know something about how a genuine smile is easy to bring :

7th Feb - Rose day

May a rose be blessed, it might just be falling less! 

So the most cliché way of pleasing with red is to “Give”.

Make it different, maybe?  Get it delivered, keep it right beside her handbag or make sure a bouquet peeks out when the wardrobe is opened. And yes, You love her!


8th Feb - Propose Day

She is bored of knowing she is pretty. Can you instil the ‘Believe’ part today? Call her how she can make a good soul mate, friend, companion and everything that makes a man lucky. She is still realizing and you offer her togetherness, splendid!

Good luck, may the ‘Yes’ win!


9th Feb - Chocolate Day

If calories are what she has been avoiding, make sure you treat her with some chocolate (Any, but good).

If she doesn’t care about flab, have a good time in the bed, with a lot of chocolate, a decent amount of warmth and some sweet-talking. You don’t have to invite Cadbury, just know, you love her. The dessert might be slightly overloaded for today, as a surprise.


10th Feb - Teddy day

Keep one between the two of you on the bed, inside the cabinet (Kitchen, no ministry) or simply a big one tucked under the blanket, beside you. It’ll sure freak her out, but it's okay as long as it’s a Teddy!


11th Feb - Promise day

Promise day all know a relation is woven of a happy present and some assurance that it will persist, so, promises! Start showing, from helping her in the kitchen (if you could not on the other days), arranging the room to even opening the door. That’s care, beyond which, a timely come back home after a tiring day and a note of Love would be great. You can pat the connection you have, to see it thrive for the times to come.

Stay together, to be able to look back at this day on a happy note.


12th Feb - Hug day

Now a hug, just like a kiss, is a physical connection that you know is important. But beyond the literal meaning, it’s more of encouragement, comfort and importantly, a needed gesture. Please her with a simple hug at any and every time of the day to make sure she knows you remember. Also, thumbs up if it's pinned with some humour!


13th Feb - Kiss day

A volley of kisses isn’t so important so one while she wakes up, another as she leaves and the last before bed. I am sure you do this every day, so another day, and one more day. A kiss is also known to shut down an issue, or tension or anything ‘not so healthy. Keep it simple, but promising.


14th Feb - Valentine’s Day

And finally, after all the planning, spending and proving, we have the day off worth. Wishes, of course, are important but the main course is a beautiful Dinner, some deep, evening walk or a helpful gesture, like cooking for the night. A long-distance one? Well, a piece of clothing, cards or a surprise visit would be great. After everything, if the ‘free time is not in your favour, leave a text message for your beloved. She is sure to understand, and love you back.

Ever think, ever mine, ever ours.

Hoping you get to see more Februaries together, beginning from this.

P.S: K.I.S.S- Keep it Simple Silly.

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