Is Prabhas to be Blamed for Adipurush's Failure?

Dialogues that aren't very good. Poor casting. Lucre acting luck. Untrue facts. There have been several explanations offered in recent days for Adipurush's dismal box office results.

Jun 28, 2023 - 13:15
Jun 28, 2023 - 15:45
Is Prabhas to be Blamed for Adipurush's Failure?

However, many believe that the movie had a good start, its ratings have since fallen down, and its producers are having trouble recovering their investment. The film struggled to reach even the Rs 300 crore mark despite having a large budget of Rs 500 crore. However, it might have been far worse.

According to the most recent report, Adipurush would have cost Rs 1000 crores to produce. The film's director, Om Raut, had grand ambitions for it and even intended to release it in two parts, like the Baahubali. According to rumors, Prabhas convinced him that Adipurush should just be one movie and convinced him otherwise.

Evidently, Prabhas believed that the film might be completed in a single part. People are praising the actor for making the right decision because a two-film franchise would have resulted in a greater box office loss. However, it's possible that the failure of the film was due to the attempt to fit the entire Ramayana into a single work.

Maybe a meticulous slicing into two halves would have allowed for a better narration of the movie. More people could have visited the theater as a result of the anticipation for the sequel. There are countless options. Prabhas probably shouldn't have interfered in the director's affairs. Recently, a video of him ranting at Om also gained popularity on social media, leading some to speculate whether the actor was upset with Adipurush's final edit.

There have obviously been many behind-the-scenes events, and there is a good likelihood that the reported creative disagreements are what caused the movie to bomb. Let's hope that Om and Prabhas both learn from their mistakes in the future!

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