Know more about Solar Cooking Stove (SOLAR COOKER)

A solar cooker is a gadget that pasteurizes beverages and other food items using the heat of direct sunshine.

Feb 20, 2023 - 22:56
Mar 3, 2023 - 21:00
Know more about Solar Cooking Stove (SOLAR COOKER)

A solar cooker is a gadget that pasteurizes beverages as well as other food items by heating, cooking, or cooking them using the energy of bright sunlight. Although some sun cookers are as powerful or expensive as conventional stoves and sophisticated, large solar burners are capable of cooking for hundreds of people, the majority of solar cookers now in use are fairly low, low-cost appliances. Several charitable groups are encouraging their users globally since they use no gasoline and have no operating expenses, which will help lower fuel prices, reduce air pollution, and slow down destruction and degradation.

The Past

It was thought that the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese were among the ancient civilizations to have used solar energy, but not for cooking.

Working Principle

It works on the principle of:

Concentrating sunlight

Conversion of light into heat energy

Confining heat energy

The fundamentals of solar panel cookers and types of solar cookers are explained here. A solar dish cooker is another type of solar cooker. They frequently need to reposition themselves to the Sun, yet they can fry food and cook it at greater temperatures more quickly. A thermally insulated dual glass tube is used as the food preparation area in solar-evacuated cookers, which eliminates the need for huge reflectors.


Reflectors are used to "collect" more and more light, which is then directed onto a black crockpot that is encased in a high-temperature oven bag. The insulation that keeps the heat in the pot's bag is the air inside of it. A panel cooker's pot can get to and stay at boiling temperatures.

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