Delhi Man stabs girlfriend 20 times then proceeds to crush her to death with a boulder

The Delhi Police have detained Sahil, 20, for fatally stabbing his 16-year-old lover on Sunday night in Delhi's Shahbad Dairy neighborhood.

May 31, 2023 - 16:28
May 31, 2023 - 19:03
Delhi Man stabs girlfriend 20 times then proceeds to crush her to death with a boulder
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New Delhi: Bulandshahr (UP) police have taken into custody the 20-year-old Sahil, who on Sunday night fatally stabbed his 16-year-old fiancée in Delhi's Shahbad Dairy neighborhood, according to a statement from a police officer.

A senior police officer said that the accused Sahil, who allegedly stabbed Sakshi, a resident of JJ Colony in the Shahbad Dairy area, more than 20 times and also struck her with a rock, works as a Fridge-AC fixing technician.

On social media, a video of the event is becoming popular. The girl gets stabbed in the video by Sahil, who is wearing a blue t-shirt. There are maybe seven to eight onlookers who are standing and watching while he stabs her.

Sahil pulls a man who is wearing a dark red shirt away when he tries to step in. In the video, Sahil keeps stabbing the girl while also threatening the onlookers, which makes them scatter.

After stabbing the girl, Sahil kicks her again before hitting her five times with a rock. He then momentarily departs the area before coming back. According to the footage, he kicks the girl many times before striking her again with the rock. 

According to the police source, the victim and Sahil were dating but recently got into a fight. 

"When Sahil stopped her and brutally killed the dead, she was on her way to celebrate the birthday of a friend's son. On the basis of the victim's father's allegation, a case has been opened under section 302 (murder) of the IPC, the official continued.

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