You Need to Know About Misuse of Social Media | Facts | Caution | Consequences

Social media has become a part of our society but sometimes we need to be more careful about its use and misuse and for our privacy. Here, we guide you on how to use and manage to own social media.

Feb 14, 2023 - 16:58
Feb 16, 2023 - 11:26
You Need to Know About Misuse of Social Media | Facts | Caution | Consequences

The time since the social media has joined the life of the people in and around the world, it has emerged as an important and as an essential part of everyone’s life that nobody can spend even an hour without it. Social media includes different platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, Facebook, etc. The social media has become that part of our society where people, organizations, even different institutions use it for different purposes like to spread information regarding certain things which are for different groups in the society like for students, adults, teenagers, parents, actors, elder people, etc.

Including there are certain people on social media who are there only for nuisance and to create bad influence and to spread wrong and false information and only for fake purposes. And only because of these kinds of people the social media is going in wrong hands. People of these kinds misuse social media in various different ways.

  • They use it to spread wrong information in the society
  • They use to rob people’s personal information and their data and to create different kinds of viruses which can enter into the user’s device and can harm the device and leak the personal information of the owner of the device
  • They use it for bullying the people as when they get to know about the user and their device, they hack them and do derogatory remarks, abuse them and various other things
  • Social media is also used to harass and blackmail people
  • It can also make people lose their privacy
  • And this is the most common misuse of the social media i.e., fraud.

So, in all we say that as much as there are positive sides of the social media there are negative sides too, due to which the cybercrimes are continuously increasing in our society and will continue to increase and grow if do not stop misusing the social media using it in a good and in an effective way.

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