Delhi or say it dilli is known for so many things whether it be yummy and delicious street food, beautiful cafes, street shopping, or monuments it is so famous amongst people. Apart from all these, Delhi is also known for the spooky, haunted places that it has. The places there have so many stories and even the people there know so many events and stories about one or the other areas or sites. So, below are some of the spooky places for you to know in Delhi. Have a look!

Mar 15, 2023 - 15:38
Mar 21, 2023 - 23:35
1. Delhi Cantonment

While being touted as being the safest part of Delhi, the Cantonment is not immune to terrifying creatures. It is Delhi's most haunted location. Numerous individuals have reported seeing a horrifying woman dressed in a white sari begging for a ride and, when she was refused, following the car at the same pace. This location is also among the haunted locations in India.

2. Lothian Cemetery

Sure, the sight of a cemetery alone should give you the creeps, but when you add the spirit of a decapitated victim, chaos ensues. You are correct; it does sound like a movie. Yet this is the actual circumstance at this cemetery, which is characteristic of a ghostly location in Delhi. Many of those who saw this ghost holding his broken skull in his palm have passed away and others who are still living are shaken to their very core by terror. Passersby frequently hear eerie cries and chuckles emanating from this eerie haunted location in Delhi.

3. Agrasen ki Baoli

This Baoli is thought to be the creepiest of all the haunted locations in Delhi and the home of evil. This 104-level step well gives you creep as you go down the stairs since it was formerly filled with mysterious black water that enticed people to commit suicide in it by drowning. You could sense the presence of other people or hear some strange noises in the area.

4. Sanjay Van

The daytime is a paradise for kids and environment enthusiasts in this 10-kilometer-long woodland. By the end of the day, it has changed into a nightmare in its entirety. Children with loud, demonic laughs and oddly poised older women dressed in white could drag you into a pit of darkness from which you cannot escape. You may find things like unexpected pushes, loud slaps, the vanishing of objects, and the spotting of fog on summer evenings interesting and hilarious, but not if something other than a human is doing them. This location certainly qualifies for a ranking as one of the scariest locations in the world due to its eerie air.

5. Firoz Shah Kotla Fort

Several legends surround the existence of Djinns in this fort from the fourteenth century. Even though it is frequently a deserted location, there are gatherings on Thursday nights to appease the Djinns of this authentically haunted location in Delhi. Several of those persons have related incidents where they were abruptly shoved and pummelling and where scents appeared out of nowhere. A select few have even experienced being followed home by an unknown person who unleashes all kinds of misery upon them. This location is among the spookiest in India because of how unsettling it is.

6. Khooni Darwaza

Throughout this ancient site, there are frequently times when blood-curdling screams and agonizing cries may be heard. There are numerous various explanations for the ghostly presence in Delhi's most notorious haunted location, including the cruel execution of independence fighters by England and the hanging of three princes. Whatever the cause, the abrupt decrease in temperature and the possibility of seeing ghostly apparitions through the gate may freeze you to the bone.

7. Delhi Ridge Areas

Several eyewitnesses claim that a ghost of a British guy walking about in Delhi's haunted region with an antique gun is a common occurrence. You can frequently feel as though someone is watching you. Poor cell network coverage, an unsettling lack of ambient noise like chirping birds or other forms of live music, and unexpectedly engulfing pleasant scents are only the beginning. The amount of arbitrary and inexplicable abductions in the area is difficult to keep track of.

8. Mutiny House

During their colonial rule in India, the British constructed the Mutiny House. The building was built in memory of the British soldiers who died during the Rebellion of 1857. The structure is now one of Delhi's most eerie destinations. There are rumors that many paranormal occurrences have been reported in this area. Some claim to have even seen severed parts of humans.

9. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

These ancient structures, which date to the fourteenth century, are among the locations where numerous ghost sightings, chilling tales of disappearances, and haunting noises have been reported. It is also one of the eeriest spots in Delhi since the locals strongly advise visitors not to enter the property after dark.

10. DDA apartments In Qutub Enclave Phase II 

In one of Delhi's purportedly haunted homes, locals frequently see the body of a lady, which is extremely pale and filthy, hanging upside down from a tree. You could halt mid-step due to a rapid temperature change, strong gusts, or a woman's ear-splitting laughing. The region where this complex is located is thought to have formerly been a cemetery with a lot of hauntings.

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