Jealousy - Negative or positive

Please don't show your jealousy via anger, and use it as a remedy to direct your mind to be successful in everything.

Apr 12, 2021 - 08:52
Apr 12, 2021 - 08:58
Jealousy - Negative or positive

To envy indicates you have an active brain and emotional heart. You're not jealous because people associated with you are doing well with their lives. You're jealous of your failure.

Jealousy - Negative or positive

Every feeling is an emotion and awakens energy in the body that walks through the brain. This energy can propel you towards something great. Unfortunately, some people cannot comprehend the importance of that energy and are deprived of using it. If left unused, energy accumulates in your brain and works negatively. Pile-up of energy converted detrimental to your body and become an invitation to various health ailments.

This blog piece is about a very prevalent feeling, jealousy. As we, in general, deemed jealous noxious.

We don't feel jealous because people associated with us are doing well with their lives. We're jealous of our failure. We are angry with ourselves as we're not using our potential appropriately. We are devastated for not taking a step to increase ourselves. We're familiar with our merits and demerits. Yet, we do not work on upgrading and improving them.

To envy is not wrong as long as you're using the evaporated energy in the right direction. If your feeling is letting you hate others and making you toxic, it's perilous. In this condition, to save yourself from being unhappy, you have to bother yourself. You have to rub yourself, push yourself into a coal furnace to be reborn as a diamond.

It's hard to accept your feelings, especially when they are going to deem negative. But, it's a brave gesture to prove and comprehend your vision and emotions. Alternatively, you're courageous; you accepted and shared them with your loved ones. Now that you've encountered your feelings, it's time to invest your energy, whether cold or friendly, to achieve something. Talk to people, try to discover new ideas, polish your existing skills, and adopt different ones to do something great.

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