Reasons why relationship fails

Relationship demands continuous attention from each other. The lack of which can downgrade the quality of the relationship.

Nov 22, 2021 - 23:17
Nov 22, 2021 - 23:32
Reasons why relationship fails

Having a healthy relationship with your partner is one of the joyous things one can have in today’s time. Loving relationships can make life more meaningful and encourage growth when facing difficulties. Even then, most relationships end being breaking and the worst is the divorce cases that lead two people taking a different path. 

Where are we wrong?

The hardest truth to swallow is that we love them with an agenda, or for the conditions, they meet our expectations. We become selfish when it comes to relationships and remain unwilling to change our perspective about marriages or relationships. We need to gradually shift from “I” to “we”. Every relationship has ups and downs, but how quickly one shifts from hurt to forgiving is what is critical. I know it’s not easy to talk about forgiveness when someone has hurt you so bad. But trust me forgiveness heals our mind in the first place and then others. Holding grudges, not talking to them for days, or back bitching about them is like insulting inner self. 

Our relationships are the mirror to us. What we are from inside, would decide our relationships with others. And if we are not happy with one, we can never be happy with those around us. 

1. Lack of communication

Communication is the key in every relationship, be it personal or professional. Without a two way communication, we tend to assume each other’s feelings and emotions. If you or your partner stopped having communication after a fight, the relationship leads to a downfall. The lack of communication may force them to give up.

2. Selfishness 

Selfishness is focusing on one’s need more than anything else and not thinking about how other is feeling.  Marriage or relationship is a two-way partnership where you have to look after their needs and make them understand your needs at the same time. If anyone of you become oblivious to the needs of each other or berate each other, it is going to do no good to anyone. 

3. Not helping them with their duties

Yet another factor that degrades the quality of a relationship is the lack of support from the opposite side. If your wife wants you to help her with household chores, it is your responsibility to share her workload. This leads to others feel appreciated and that you are important to them. The one who has uneven responsibility gets grumpy when the other is lying comfortably.

4. Your partner is ill

Sometimes physical and mental illness can lead to separation between the two. Depression, addiction, and some serious health issues with one can disturb the relationship to an extent. When we are not physically or mentally fit, we need extra exceptional love and care from our partner. The lack of which can make other lonelier and frustrated, allowing them to look for the one who can extravagantly care for them.

A relationship is a win-win task. But you can only win, if you know how to give without expecting anything in return.

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