7 Eye-opening Facts About Lord Hanuman

With reference to the Hindu calendar, Chaitra Shukla Purnima is the day on which Hanuman Jayanti is observed. And every year, it falls between the months of March and April according to the Gregorian calendar. Read these seven eye-opening facts about Lord Hanuman in honor of Hanuman Jayanti.

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7 Eye-opening Facts About Lord Hanuman

The birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman as per the Hindu calendar is observed as Hanuman Jayanti and is celebrated with love throughout the country. Worshiping Lord Hanuman is encouraged for everybody who wants courage and power in their lives. This is due to Lord Hanuman's notoriety as the most fearsome divinity in Hindu mythology.

1. Lord Hanuman had five brothers.

You'll be shocked to learn that Lord Hanuman had five real brothers as well, all of whom were married. The "Brahmana Purana" makes reference to it. Kesari, the father of Lord Hanuman, and his lineage are described in the Purana. Additionally, it is stated that Lord Hanuman was the oldest of Vanar Raj Kesari's six sons. The brothers of Lord Hanuman had offspring, and their names were Matiman, Shrutiman, Ketuman, Gatiman, and Dhritiman, respectively. As a result, their dynasty was in existence for several years.


2. Pawanaputra Hanuman was none other than an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself, read below for the full story!

A sage cursed Apsara "Anjana," who was living in heaven, with the ability to transform into a monkey when she falls in love. She, therefore, begged Lord Brahma for guidance. She was born a human on earth owing to the mercy of Lord Brahma. Kesari, the king of the apes, and Anjana eventually fell in love, culminating in their marriage. Anjana was a fervent follower of Lord Shiva and underwent difficult penances in order to appease Lord Shiva. She requested a boon because she wanted a kid who would resemble God Shiva in both abilities and attributes. Lord Shiva also known as Bholenath, accepted Anjana's boon.

A few days later, the sage offered King Dasaratha a kheer so he could feed all of his women once he finished the Putrakameshti Yagna. An eagle stole a portion of Rani Kaushalya's kheer. At the command of Lord Shiva, Vayu Dev, who was meditating, dropped part of the Kheer that was in the eagle's flight into Anjana's hands. Anjana offered it to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the Prasad was consumed, as a consequence of which Anjana gave birth to Pawanaputra Hanuman, who was no one else but an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself.


3. Why do wo refer to Lord Hanuman as "Bajrangbali"

When Lord Hanuman once saw Goddess Sita applying sindoor on her forehead, he questioned her as to why she did so. "Since Shri Ram is her husband, I apply sindoor to wish her long life," the Goddess Sita stated in response. Lord Hanuman reasoned that if Goddess Sita's act of putting such a tender amount of sindoor on her forehead, can prolong the life of Sri Ram then what if he himself applied it all over his body, he concluded with his Bhakti and innocence that his Prabhu Shri Ram's life would increase manifold. With this thought in his mind, he applied sindoor to his entire body. Since sindoor is also known as "Bajrang," Lord Hanuman began to be referred to as "Bajrangbali" from that point on. As a result, sindoor is always presented to him during devotion.


4. The word "Hanuman" translates to "disfigured jaw" in Sanskrit.

In Sanskrit, "Hanu" stands for "jaw," while "mana" implies "disfigured." Do you know that Lord Hanuman's childhood name was "Maruti"? Maruti once consumed Lord Surya as a fruit when she was younger. It made the world completely dreary. As a result of this occurrence, Lord Indra got enraged and hit the young Maruti with a thunderbolt, fracturing his jaw and leaving him unconscious.


5. Even though he was a Brahmachari, Lord Hanuman was blessed with a son.

You'll be shocked to learn that Lord Hanuman had a son despite being a Brahmachari. The son of Lord Hanuman was called "Makardhwaja." Hanuman dove into the water to cool off his body after scorching the whole island of Lanka with his tail. According to legend, the fish ingested his sweat, which resulted in the conception and birth of the powerful fish with the name, Makardhwaja.


6. Once, Lord Rama sentenced Lord Hanuman to death.

Narada once instructed Hanuman to meet all the sages except Vishwamitra, who was previously a king. This infuriated Vishwamitra, who subsequently pleaded with Lord Rama to put Hanuman to death. Considering that Vishwamitra was Lord Rama's guru, he was unable to disobey his request and sentenced Hanuman to death. Hanuman began singing the name of Ram as the arrows approached him. Seeing this, Lord Rama began to invoke Brahmastra, but everyone was startled because it also failed as Hanuman was constantly chanting the holy name of Ram. Narada went to Vishwamitra and apologized for interrupting the agony after observing this.


7. Bhima and Lord Hanuman were brothers. 

Do you know that Pawan Dev, the god who gave birth to Lord Hanuman, also gave birth to "Bhima"? Queen Kunti worshipped Pawan Dev in order to conceive a son, which led to the birth of "Bhima". This concluded that "Bhima" and Lord Hanuman were both brothers.

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