7 Habits Of Productive People

Everyone is seeking for methods to be more productive at work, regardless of what they do or where they work. However, excessive coffee use and list-making will not get you any closer to hitting peak productivity levels today.

Jul 25, 2023 - 09:18
Jul 25, 2023 - 09:38
7 Habits Of Productive People

So, what's the big deal about productivity? It's most likely because, in this digital age, keeping on focus and avoiding distractions is more difficult than doing your real work. Not to mention how exhilarating it is to have a productive workday.

This pursuit of a more productive workday has resulted in a misunderstanding of what productivity truly is, which is far more than crossing activities off your to-do list. 

True productivity does not revolve around doing more things; in fact, this is the polar opposite of productivity. If you truly want to be productive, you must make an effort to do fewer things.

I met with Tony Wong, a project management and productivity specialist, to learn the secret to a more productive weekday. He gave me some great insight into what he and other like-minded people do during the workweek.

Make room for higher productivity by implementing the following habits:

1. Half your to-do list. 

 Getting things done throughout the workday should not imply cramming as much as possible into the allotted eight hours. Do you truly require the 30 items on your to-do list? Take a less-is-more approach to your to-do list by focusing solely on the most important tasks.

2. Take additional breaks. 

After several long hours of labor, the soreness in your brain should be your cue to take a break. Because your brain has depleted its glucose stores, take a break by going for a stroll, eating a snack, or simply meditating. You'll return refreshed and eager to improve your efficiency.

3. Adhere to the 80/20 rule. 

Only 20% of what you do each day delivers 80% of your results. Remove the distractions from your workplace; they have little impact on your overall productivity. For example, divide your next project into phases and gradually decrease duties until you have the 20% that produces the 80% of the output.

4. Make the most of your morning by focusing on yourself. 

Starting your mornings by checking your email and calendar is a huge time waster. This permits others to direct your efforts. Start your day off correctly by ignoring your emails in the morning and eating a healthy breakfast, reading the news, meditating, or exercising. This will result in

5. Finish the tough jobs before lunch. 

When your mind is clear, do the most difficult tasks. Save any important work or meetings until the afternoon. You will be able to build a new and more effective method of managing your time by organizing your day in this manner.

6. Work on your email etiquette. 

Email is a productivity killer and a distraction from important activities; don't fall into this productivity trap. People frequently copy numerous people on emails to get it off their plate, but this is a sign of laziness and also distracts everyone else by making noise against the tasks they're attempting to complete.

If you get an email with numerous persons CC'd do everyone a favor and BCC them on your response. If your email chain has more than two replies, it's time to call.

7. Develop a system.

Over the years, you've definitely formed a few productivity-killing behaviors. Create a method to manage your distracted behaviors. If you check your emails obsessively, set aside time in the morning, afternoon, and evening to handle your inbox. Otherwise, you'll become sidetracked from your more vital goals throughout the day.

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