All You Need to Know About Your Career Options after 12th: Science, Arts & Commerce

Students who have completed their 12th-grade education can pursue careers in many vast domains such as arts, business, research, management, information technology, and other fields. Candidates have a ton of possibilities after completing their schooling in any field—arts, business, or science. The accreditation provides people with a practical entry point into the academic world where they can choose from a plethora of short-term degrees, and standard programs that are also skill-oriented for personal and professional growth. Having too many choices raises concerns in the brains of applicants who have recently completed their 12th-grade exams. Applicants always have this tormenting pressure of choosing the most suitable degree, but how can they do so without proper guidance? In this piece we will discuss the same concern, if you have any further queries please comment below and we will guide you through it.

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All You Need to Know About Your Career Options after 12th: Science, Arts & Commerce
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Career After 12th

After high school, it may be challenging for one to find a steady job. Their employment should be satisfying and well-paying. Students pursue Science, Commerce, and/or Humanities in the 12th grade, based on the fields of employment they are most interested in.

It is crucial to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into post-secondary employment opportunities in their fields that are related to their interests. It may be challenging for many students who have just finished or are about to complete their 12th grade to select the best career path. A lot of students struggle to find employment or integrate themselves into society because they are unsure of what to do after the 12th grade. 

In this situation, the best method to choose a career path after high school is to evaluate your skills and determine how you can improve them to be successful. The most suitable path to take after high school requires careful consideration of your options. You must select a specialization after deciding on a subject. We've compiled a rundown of some of the top post-secondary job opportunities in the arts, commerce, and sciences for Indian students.


Best Career Paths After 12th in India

The Indian educational system is active by nature, and various changes that have been made recently can be seen in the efficient learning process. Career classes are evolving in India for the benefit of students, and diverse skilled and professional courses are being introduced to degree program study. The breadth and demand in such a situation both grow constantly.

Some of the distinctive course choices accessible to students include diploma, post-graduate diploma, and certificate programs. Students can choose their educational path and, in turn, the best post-secondary job options.

In India, professional and skill-learning programs are well-recognized, and graduates can find excellent employment opportunities in the fields they are passionate about or in which they hope to build a thriving career.


Career Options After 12th: Commerce

After completing their 12th commerce, students have a variety of lucrative job choices. Students who are knowledgeable about ideas like assets, stocks, and shares can explore numerous choices in the area of commerce, including banking, finance, and insurance.

Students who study business have access to well-paying job prospects. After completing their 12th grade in business, students can continue their education in UG programs like BBA, BCom, and BA Economics or move on to PG programs like MBA, MIM, MIS, and PGDM. The highest-paying jobs are available for students in multidisciplinary programs like a B.Com. or BBA combined law. Here are a few of the most typical jobs in the business. The starting pay scales for commerce pupils with a math background after the 12th grade varies from INR 7 to 20 LPA.

The commerce industry offers a wide variety of employment options for newcomers and seasoned professionals with the required skill sets. Specialists in accounting and finance are now needed in every business and governmental field.

Students who have completed their 12th grade in the business background from an accredited institution or board have a variety of employment choices available to them. Following a 12th-grade business degree, some of the most popular career choices are:

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)

Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business (BBA-IB)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Economics (BE)

Bachelor of Business Administration – Computer Application (BBA-CA)

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance (BBI)

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market (BFM)

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)

BCom Tourism & Travel Management

BCom Marketing

Cost and Management Accountant

BCom (General)

Chartered Accountancy


Career Choices After Completing 12th: Science

Medical education and engineering are popular careers after the 12th grade, but there are other options. Biologists can pursue a variety of academic specializations, including MBBS, BDS, ophthalmology, medicine, forensic science, microbiology, and more. Degrees in B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch, Aeronautics, etc. are available to students at PCM.

A job is all about the profile you want to pursue once your academic journey is over. You will encounter numerous recommendations and ideas along the way that give you a variety of course choices.

Some of the degrees and diploma programs offered to 12th-pass students for skill development and job advancement include BA, B.COM, B.Sc., BJMC, BBA, BPharma, and diploma programs in photography, digital marketing, and civil engineering.

Science is one of the most well-liked academic disciplines in India. Since science is one of the most lucrative and well-paid professions in India, many students decide to concentrate on it. The best career choices after a science-based 12th grade are listed below. 



Expected salary (Per annum)



Rs. 4 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs


B.Tech/BE degree

Rs. 3 Lakhs to upto 10 Lakhs



Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 12 Lakhs

Government Jobs

Bachelor’s degree in any field.

Rs. 3 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs


General Nursing & Midwifery course

Rs. 3.2 Lakhs to 7.8 Lakhs



Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs

Data Scientist

BTech from IT 

Rs. 3.5 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs

Biomedical Engineer

Bachelor’s degree 

Rs. 3 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs

Event Manager


Rs.4.2Lakhs to 10.8 Lakhs



Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs

Content Writer 

BA in English

Rs.3.8 Lakhs to 4.3 Lakhs


Career Options After 12th: Arts

The majority of people in our society think that only weak students choose the arts as a profession after the 12th grade. Following high school, there are numerous job options and classes available for art students. Based on their preferences, students can choose the best education.

Students with an arts education have a variety of employment options after the 12th grade. Following are some notable career choices for those with a 12th-grade arts degree: 

  • Business Man

  • Fashion Designer

  • Drawing Teacher

  • Writer

  • Poet

An art student can make between 7 and 12 lac per year.

Students Also Ask
Question: Which post-12th-grade job is best?

Ans: Upon finishing the course after the 12th grade, there are numerous positions accessible. Students have a variety of options to choose from.

Question: Which high-paying position is ideal after graduating from 12th grade?

Ans: The sectors earning the biggest packages are engineering and medicine. Depending on their qualifications and interests, students are free to select any of them.

Question: Which profession has the highest growth potential?

Ans: According to the current state of affairs, there is no question that jobs in law, data science, big data, analytics, and information technology will have a very bright future. In these job fields, students will have a wide range of options with respectable pay scales. 

Question: Which profession is experiencing growth the quickest?

Ans: The healthcare industry has the fastest-growing careers globally, and nurse practitioners have the fastest-growing jobs. There will always be a need for healthcare professionals because, as we have seen, conditions like the COVID-19 epidemic would have been the worst in recorded history.

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