Best International Instagram Models You Must Follow!

There's no denying that Instagram models are extremely influential, despite their contentious nature. Many of them have millions of followers, so businesses solicit their assistance in promoting their goods and services. They are able to draw in and keep the attention of Instagram users with really beautiful shots, which is one of the reasons they have built up such substantial followings.

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Apr 15, 2023 - 01:58
Best International Instagram Models You Must Follow!

One of the most challenging assignments we've been given was to select the Instagram accounts that have impacted our perceptions of style. It seems as though fashion bloggers and other online influencers are influencing our daily attire more and more. That said, it's simple to browse endlessly for inspiration and miss what you're truly seeking—be it fashion ideas or things to buy. We searched the internet extensively to compile a list of our top fashion influencers that stand out from the crowd online due to their excellent sense of style, originality, and innovation. Allow yourself to be inspired by these fashion trailblazers' outfit postings for the greatest fashion tips available.

Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha Awasthi, a plus-size fashion and beauty blogger, gives her fantastic wardrobe ideas, style tips, and makeup strategies. Tanesha used her passion for fashion to create adorable ensembles that she styles and shares on her social media platforms. As a young child, she dreamed of being a designer or stylist. Tanesha crafts many of her ensembles starting with her favorite closet basics, a beautiful pair of dark wash jeans, a fitted jacket, and a classic pointy toe pump. Her contemporary, elegant, and ladylike style sense merges Audrey Hepburn and Olivia Palermo (with a little occasional edge).


Rachel Richardson

Rachel Richardson is the fashionista behind the Los Angeles fashion blog "Lovely in LA." Numerous women have been motivated by Rachel's work as a brand strategist, fit model, creative director, and fashion influencer to embrace their curves, have fun with their wardrobes, and feel and look their best. To give herself a creative outlet and provide other women wanting to break out of "the plus-size rut" the chance to see her stunning outfit in action, she started a blog. Rachel has a distinctive look that combines grace with cool Californianness. She often wears vibrant sundresses, chic jumpsuits, and casual ensembles like jeans and a jacket.


Emilia Mussachia

The fashion sense of Emilia Mussachia has long been recognized. She has a talent for combining colors in ways we would never have thought possible. As the proprietor of Evaliina Vintage, Mussachia also has a vintage archive that dates back decades and serves as a reminder of the original significance of these items. The fact that every single one of her looks makes us happy is one of the many wonderful things about her website.


Sissy Chacon

If we could eat dinner with any style icon, we'd choose Sissy. Her subtle color schemes and simple style have always resonated with us. Her ensembles have consistently maintained a permanent place on our fashion mood boards as a result.


Shereen Mohammad

It's impossible to avoid falling in love with Shereen Mohammad right away after following her. Her love of fashion is evident in both her enthusiasm for creating and the clothes she wears. Her minimalist style, 90s revivals, and suiting-related content are worth following. 


Kritika Khurana 

She has realistic beliefs, and her instructional videos are simple to follow. You'll appreciate how adept and skilled she is at transforming worn-out, uninteresting clothing and accessories into something fun, engaging, and fashionable.

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