Bungalow Visit: A Hilarious Rollercoaster of Love and Deception"

"Bungalow Visit" is a hilarious 8-minute comedy on Chana Jor, where Rahul's deceptive love gesture leads to unexpected chaos.

Aug 3, 2023 - 16:44
Aug 3, 2023 - 20:24
Bungalow Visit: A Hilarious Rollercoaster of Love and Deception"


"Bungalow Visit" is a rib-tickling comedy that takes audiences on a whirlwind journey of love, deception, and unexpected revelations. The short film, released in 2023, is suitable for viewers aged 16 and above and is presented in Hindi. Produced by Pratap Jain and directed by Huseini Dawawala, the film is part of Chana Jor, an OTT platform that nurtures young talent.


The story revolves around Rahul, portrayed by the talented Bhavesh Parjapati, a young and charming man who seemingly brings different girls to a lavish bungalow. Little do these girls know that Rahul has a crafty plan up his sleeve. He leads them to believe that he is purchasing the extravagant property as an extraordinary gesture of love and commitment.


  1. Rahul (Bhavesh Parjapati): The suave and charming protagonist, whose deceptive intentions form the crux of the story.
  2. Best Friend (Dhruv Dave): Rahul's loyal and witty friend, who becomes a part of his scheme.
  3. Girls:
    • Girl 1 (Bindiya Dalal)
    • Girl 2 (Bhakti Punjani)

Plot Summary

Act 1: The film starts with Rahul and his best friend discussing his lack of success in finding true love. Inspired by a movie, Rahul hatches an audacious plan to impress girls by taking them to a luxurious bungalow. He believes that showcasing such opulence will win their hearts and ensure he finds the perfect partner.

Act 2: As Rahul brings Girl 1 to the bungalow, he spins an elaborate tale of romance, painting a picture of their future together. Girl 1 is enamored by the grand gesture and is swept off her feet by Rahul's apparent commitment. However, unbeknownst to her, Rahul's intentions are far from genuine.

Rahul repeats the process with Girl 2, using the same ruse of a love-filled future within the confines of the stunning bungalow. The plot thickens as Rahul's web of lies becomes more intricate, and he manages to juggle between both girls without them knowing about each other.

Act 3: Just when everything seems to be going smoothly for Rahul, his plan begins to unravel. The Best Friend, who initially supports Rahul's antics, starts feeling guilty about deceiving innocent girls and decides to confront Rahul about his dishonesty.

As the climax approaches, the two girls, Girl 1 and Girl 2, coincidentally meet each other while waiting for Rahul at the bungalow. Confusion and anger ensue as they discover the truth about Rahul's playboy-like behavior and deceitful intentions.

Act 4: In the final act, Rahul is caught in a compromising situation, trying to justify his actions. The confrontation leads to hilarious yet tense exchanges between all the characters, culminating in a comic showdown.

Resolution: Ultimately, Rahul realizes the error of his ways and comes clean about his devious plan. He apologizes sincerely to both girls for his actions and learns a valuable lesson about honesty, respect, and the true meaning of love.


"Bungalow Visit" is an entertaining and engaging comedy that humorously explores the consequences of deception and the value of sincerity in relationships. With excellent performances by the talented cast, led by Bhavesh Parjapati, and skillful direction by Huseini Dawawala, the film keeps viewers entertained throughout its 8-minute runtime.

Through its comedic twists and turns, "Bungalow Visit" reminds us that honesty and transparency are crucial in building genuine connections with others. It serves as a valuable lesson while leaving the audience with hearty laughs and a smile on their faces. This delightful short film is a must-watch for those seeking a lighthearted and entertaining ride through the maze of love and deception.

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