Comfort Shows For When Tv Is The Only Love Language You Speak

The task of being alive never ceases. Too many heartaches and paperwork. As a somewhat secure coping mechanism, we resort to comfort TV. Well done to us! This is probably healthier than using drugs or breaking the law. 

Jun 7, 2023 - 17:01
Jun 7, 2023 - 20:00
Comfort Shows For When Tv Is The Only Love Language You Speak

Through comfort programs, streaming platforms provide a self-administered mental morphine drip. The Office is a beloved piece of comfort television. Friends. Gleaming Girls. Recreation and Parks. Perhaps you watch acclaimed comedy for comfort like Fleabag, Insecure, 30 Rock, or Ted Lasso again. The Golden Girls, Sex in the City, The Nanny, and Seinfeld are other oldies you may choose to watch instead. Rewatching beloved television programs becomes tiresome after a while, like attempting to extract more taste from the same stick of gum.

I'm here to tempt you into watching your comfort television more. There are so many untapped, underappreciated joys waiting for you.

Comfort TV comedies to watch if you have…HBO Max


It's difficult to exaggerate how much fun Starstruck is. I sat down to watch the first episode for ten minutes, and I didn't get up until I was almost through with the whole thing. This is the premise of the endearing Starstruck, written and starring comedian Rose Matafeo, who believes that hot celebrity guys should be more likely to fall for educated, humorous, unfamous women. A movie star and Matafeo's character compare their friendship to "one of those weird animal friendship shows where you see a Labrador and a hedgehog who are friends." It's similar to Notting Hill but set in the 2020s. It's excellent.

Chewing Gum