Here are 7 Interesting Facts that You Might Not Know About Assam

You ought to head to Assam at least once in your lifetime because it is not just your typical tourist destination. You might not be acquainted with a lot of facts about this gorgeous state in the northeast that makes it more special than it is already. In this piece we will explore the seven prominent previously unnoticed facts concerning the picturesque state of Assam:

Mar 24, 2023 - 18:29
Mar 28, 2023 - 07:21
Here are 7 Interesting Facts that You Might Not Know About Assam
Assam is one of the most well-known states in North-Eastern India. It is noted for its stunning landscapes, varied and rich culture, exceptional traditional cuisine, numerous dancing styles, and the hospitable nature of its people, not merely in India but also in various regions of the world. 

1. The State of Assam Has Its Own Anthem
Many of you would be startled to learn that Assam has its own state anthem. Lakshminath Bezbaroa, a well-known local poet, is acknowledged for writing the hymn, which goes by the name "O Mur Apunar Dex." Assam stands apart from all other states because its anthem originated in 1927, even before India had one of its own. There aren't many states that have their own anthem.

2. There are three Bihu celebrations in Assam 
Another incredible fact about the state of Assam is that it celebrates Bihu three times a year. The primary celebration of Assam is referred to as Bihu, and it is well known throughout India. Assam commemorates the harvest festival known as Bihu, which signifies the end of the region's harvesting season. Assam is very much still aligned with its traditions and it is customary for the state to celebrate Rongali/Bohag Bihu in April, Kongali/Kati Bihu in October, and Bhogali/Magh Bihu in January.

3. The actual state capital is Guwahati. 
We all know that Dispur is the capital of Assam, but primarily according to formal records, however, the population lacks access to all the necessary amenities or key institutions in this city. The High Court, the National Law University, the Indian Institute of Technology, the Police Headquarters, and other significant institutions and government buildings are all located in Guwahati, which renders it the tag of the actual capital of the state.

4. The World's Largest River Island Is Found In Assam 
Majuli, the largest river island in the world, is also nestled in Assam. Majuli, a town on the banks of the Brahmaputra, close to Jorhat, is well-known for its clean, lushly landscaped setting, vibrant culture, and hospitable residents. Majuli draws a large number of travelers each year from both within India as well as overseas owing to the cleanliness of this Island and just how exquisite its natural surroundings are. 

5. The Largest Zoo in Northeastern India Is Located In Assam 
The Assam State Zoo, which encompasses 432 acres, is the most expansive in North East India. More than 110 distinctive species of birds and animals from all over the world reside in the Guwahati Zoo. The zoo draws a large number of visitors daily from all over the world since it is home to rare creatures like tigers, Himalayan black bears, golden langurs, etc. One of the factors contributing to Assam State Zoo's fame is the rarity and uniqueness of these animals.

6. The Always-Burning Lamp 
The fact that Assam also has a sacred lamp in a Vaishnavite monastery in Jorhat that has been glowing uninterrupted for more than 450 years is very fascinating and unexpected. Because of how long this light has been blazing, it has been acknowledged in the Asia Book of Records. This lamp is reported to have been lit for the first time in 1528, and ever since, the villagers have preserved its flame.
7. Assam Produces the Most Tea in India. 
The majority of India's tea is produced in the state of Assam. The British first set up tea plantations in Assam, therefore if you want to see an unforgettable panorama, go to one of the green tea locations in Assam.

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