How safe are the different COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccinations?

Besides politics and voter fraud, I think vaccines rank very high on the most contentious issues list today.

Jan 18, 2021 - 23:18
How safe are the different COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccinations?

Many doctors and scientists can not agree on the efficacy and risks involved.

When it does go wrong there are protections for the doctors and manufacturing companies but very little to nothing for the patient. This often results in the patient and/or their family picking up the cost of paying the ultimate price. Vaccines are a one-way road. It only benefits investors.

The vaccine courts are inclined to protect the manufacturer and not the patient. These vaccine courts are not readily available to the general public unless you have resources to access the legal system.

The vaccine injury truth is mostly denied or withheld by the media and people are often ostracised for speaking out. Silencing our voices and constricting our knowledge does not remove or negate the problem.

The Covid pandemic has been wrought with lies, untruths and falsehoods. The public has been lied to at every turn. It has been totally destructive to humanity, unnecessarily so, and only the wealthy have benefitted and continue to benefit from the outbreak of a manufactured virus. Now they want us to pay them to provide us with an untested vaccine to cure a problem they created without any guarantees.

Vaccines will be so profitable for these people immediately but will be detrimental to society after many years when the repercussions of a failed vaccine experiment are felt. Ask the Indian people how they are suffering after more than half a million lives have been destroyed through vaccines.

The push to make vaccines mandatory is sending a very negative message to society especially when the vaccines are being rushed to market without being properly tested.

Big tech drivers with huge investment in vaccine manufacture are calling for the implementation of depopulation measures and at the same time want to be involved in the manufacture of mandatory vaccines. How does this conflict of interest build trust in society?

One of the most wealthy proponents of vaccines openly admits he is a eugenicist but rubs his hands together in excitement when the subject of his largest investment is being discussed. So much so that it is disgusting to watch. The man is unable to contain his excitement when he talking about vaccines. Yet he has wreaked havoc around the world with his vaccine drives. The extent of his wealth somehow exonerates him from prosecution. How can we trust anything that this man promotes? He speaks with a forked tongue His vaccines are a two-edged sword.

The risk of injury is a high price to pay for placing faith in bodies that are known and proved to be very dishonest.

I have had more personal experience with vaccine injuries in my family and numerous friends. More so than with cancer casualties.

This rant can go on for eternity, now maybe someone can beat me up and tell me how wrong my thinking pattern is and dispute the things I have commented on. Look forward to hearing your constructive advice. Please change my mind.

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