Meet the woman behind IAS Officer Tina Dabi’s success

Shattering through the patriarchal norms and stereotypes, this touching tale of mother and daughter is soon to bring a tear to your eye. We all know about the brilliant Tina and her glorious accomplishments, now let us meet the woman behind her, Himali Kamble, read further to get in on the whole story.

Mar 17, 2023 - 20:08
Mar 17, 2023 - 21:52
Meet the woman behind IAS Officer Tina Dabi’s success
Tina Dabi, the 2016 UPSC exam topper, is unquestionably one of the nation's most recognizable IAS officials. She's the Lady Shri Ram scholar who not only cracked the civil services exam but also topped it, the happy face in the papers and on TV in amidst the month of May. Tina Dabi earned enormous fame after acing the UPSC exam, and she is now an inspiration to millions of IAS aspirants all around the country. Many people have heard the story of Tina, but only a few are conscious of the reason for her success.

IAS Tina Dabi with her mother Himani Dabi

In an interview, Tina proudly announced that  "My mother is my role model." Dabi succeeded at changing the narrative of the old saying, "behind every man's success, there's a woman" because, this time, there was a woman behind a woman's success. This article is a tribute to the sacrifice, love, and concern of all the mothers, especially, Tina's mom. Himali Kamble, an Engineering Services officer, had voluntarily retired in order to support her daughter in her studies and accomplish her ambition.
The price of Himali Kamble's hardships and sacrifices has blossomed in form of a powerful, youthful feminist, in an interview Tina stated that she wishes to work for women's empowerment. Currently, Tina is posted as District Collector & Magistrate, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

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