Mother's Day 2023 - History, Date, Founding & Traditions

Therefore, Mother's Day is the ideal time of year to tell Mom how much you love her, care about, value, and recognize her. She will be delighted to be recognized at other times of the year as well, of course! So, here’s how it all started!

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Mother's Day 2023 - History, Date, Founding & Traditions
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It is so correctly said that God cannot be everywhere so he created Mother. The mother has always had the unenviable task of maintaining the family and household in many households all around the world and throughout history. They begin to sacrifice for themselves from the time they are born to the day they become a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, and a mother. They sacrifice a lot for their children, their husbands, and of course their families, and they rarely receive the recognition they merit, starting with offering their bodies to house kids before they are even born. And, we don’t need a particular day to celebrate their hard work and sacrifices, and to make them feel special, but, we always need to appreciate them for whatever they do because they can never be wrong to their children, their husbands, their partners, and their families. But still, if it’s history to celebrate a particular day to make them feel special so let it be. 

Therefore, Mother's Day is the ideal time of year to tell Mom how much you love her, care about them, value them, and recognize her. She will be delighted to be recognized at other times of the year as well, of course! So, here’s how it all started!


Mother's Day is a global festival honoring mothers that are observed in many nations. The festival is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and has its roots in the United States. Many other nations observe the holiday on this day, while others do it at different periods during the year. On Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent, the tradition of permitting individuals who had relocated to visit their home parishes and their mothers emerged throughout the Middle Ages. This evolved into Mothering Sunday in Britain, where it persisted into the contemporary day despite Mother's Day mainly displacing it.

Mother's Day was created by Philadelphia's Anna Jarvis, whose mother had set up women's clubs to encourage friendship and wellness.

Mother's Day was created by Philadelphian Anna Jarvis, whose mother had founded women's organizations to foster friendship and good health. She conducted a memorial ceremony in Grafton, West Virginia, the church of her deceased mother on May 12, 1907. Within five years, almost all states observed the day, and Woodrow Wilson, the president of the United States, declared it a national holiday in 1914. Jarvis had advocated wearing a white carnation as a memorial to one's mother, but the tradition of wearing a red or pink carnation to symbolize a mother who is still alive or a white carnation for a mother who has passed away emerged.

With time, the day grew to include other people who took on maternal duties, such as grandparents and aunts. However, what had initially been simply a day of honor became connected with the mailing of cards and the buying of presents, and Jarvis spent the latter years of her life attempting to abolish the holiday she had created in protest against its commercialization.

Here are a few tips for you to know how can you celebrate this so special day- 

Present Her Flowers

Flowers are among nature's most exquisite creations, and they are known for elevating people's spirits and bringing them joy. To greet your mother a happy Mother's Day and express how much you love her, a handcrafted bouquet of vibrant and fresh carnations would be ideal.

The day off for your mother

On Mother's Day, relieve your mom of all the home duties. Encourage her to unwind or go out and have some fun with her friends, which are both things she's always wanted to do but hasn't been able to because of her hectic schedule.

Plan a surprise celebration

With the assistance of your dad and siblings, host a surprise Mother's Day celebration at home. Make the dishes and drinks that your mother enjoys. She would be quite happy because she hadn't anticipated anything like that. It will be the most precious and cherished day of her life thanks to your love and attention as well as a delightful surprise.

Take a Day Off Together

Today is Mother's Day. Treat her like a queen by letting her spend the entire day with you doing the things she's always wanted to do. Together, you two may go on picnics, hikes, cook, go through old family photos, or simply play some games at home. Alternatively, you two may have a movie marathon at home. To have a good time with your group, including the greatest comedies of all time on your list.

Surprise Her with a Beautiful Present

Everyone enjoys getting presents. It will be really simple to acquire a sentimental gift that your mother would adore if you are aware of her preferences. There are several gift suggestions you may give her on Mother's Day as a mark of your affection, ranging from cakes, jewelry, accessories, garments, purses, and customized pillows.

 Treat Her

Your mom's physical and mental health would benefit greatly from some rest. Reserve a spa appointment at the local salon. The ideal way to reward your mum on Mother's Day is to give her a soothing massage, revitalizing facial, pedicure, and manicure. She could get some much-needed me-time and her skin would be radiant as a result.

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