Rare and Auspicious sight of the 5 Planets of Aligning Visible from the Naked Eye, When, and How to Watch

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are among the five planets that are at present aligned in the sky, offering a breathtaking show of astronomical beauty. So take your binoculars and telescopes and get ready to be amazed by this mesmerizing show of the aligning of the most beautiful celestial bodies in our solar system.

Mar 31, 2023 - 18:54
Apr 1, 2023 - 14:17
Rare and Auspicious sight of the 5 Planets of Aligning Visible from the Naked Eye, When, and How to Watch
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5 Planets Align: This week, astronomy aficionados and stargazers from all over the globe have been drawn to an uncommon celestial occurrence.

Stargazers and astronomy aficionados around the globe will have a rare chance to observe a magnificent celestial occurrence - a heavenly alignment - beginning March 28, 2023. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus will all be in alignment in the heavens, boasting a stunning show of astronomical beauty. With the exception of Mercury and Uranus, which may need glasses or a telescope to be seen, the conjunction will be visible with the naked eye. The alignment will take place every night this week, with the planets creating a line beneath the moon on one side of the sun.

Moments after sundown are the best opportunity for witnessing the "planet parade,". Within 30 minutes of twilight, the planets will begin to fade from view, so it's imperative to move quickly. A celestial alignment takes place when several planets congregate on one side of the sun simultaneously and is known as an alignment of the planets. If you miss the chance to see this extraordinary spectacle, you will have to wait until 2040, which is another 17 years from now.


When Can One Watch This Rare Alignment in India? 

On Tuesday, March 28, the sun will set at 6:36 PM IST, so between 6:36 and 7:15 PM IST, the planets will be visible, with Mercury and Jupiter setting below the horizon at 7:06 PM IST. Making the necessary arrangements will help you avoid missing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


Closing Thoughts:

The alignment of five planets is a genuinely magnificent astronomical phenomenon that fascinates people all over the globe. An uncommon planetary alignment that brings the planets together is awe-inspiring and serves as a constant reminder of the vastness and majesty of the cosmos. Even though this week's planetary alignment is an uncommon occurrence, it makes us aware that there is always something extraordinary occurring in the cosmos that we might not be able to see or comprehend. It is up to us to respect these occurrences and carry on discovering the cosmic marvels.

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