Scientific Relevance Behind The Month Of Shravana 

The Hindu faith is one of India's oldest religions. As a result, many legends, myths, and folklore have embellished this faith. The Trinity, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, are the bringers of this devout faith.

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Scientific Relevance Behind The Month Of Shravana 

The Hindu calendar consists of months that represent these gods. Sharavan is the Hindu calendar's sacred month of Lord Shiva.

Shravan, the fourth month of the Hindu calendar, starts at the end of July and lasts until the third week of August. The star after which this month is named is "Shravana." It is considered the most holy month in the Hindu religion. Therefore, during this month, the Hindus continue to hold several festivities. Some individuals fast throughout this month, many people avoid eating non-vegetarian food, etc. Why do people follow certain customs during Sharavan Masa? There are several religious defenses. But is there any scientific support for Shravan masa?

From generation to generation, the rites continue. The rituals themselves have changed, it's true, but the beliefs remain the same. Why then do individuals adopt pious practices during Shravan masa? You cannot ignore the scientific justification for Shravan masa in addition to its religious underpinnings. The following are some actual causes of Shravan masa:

The Science of Avoiding Milk 

Exist any justifications for Shravan masa and milk abstinence at this time? The 'Vata Dosha' in the body aggravates during this period, according to Ayurveda. It results in arthritis, knee discomfort, and joint pain. Cows that eat grass and have increased vata in their bodies produce milk.

Why You Should Avoid Spicy Food 

You'll be amazed at the scientific justification behind the Shravan masa. According to Ayurveda, this month sees a decline in immunity. Therefore, eating anything greasy and hot will only make your health issues worse. During Shravan, you must have light, healthful food.

Why You Should Avoid Non-Vegetarian Foods

Shravan is the month of rain. Insects and vermin breed during the monsoon season. The grains and grass that are fed to livestock and poultry are susceptible to these dangers. So everything you eat that isn't vegetarian might make you sick with cholera, diarrhea, hepatitis, etc. 

Why Fast During Shaván 

At Shravan, many individuals choose to fast. This is the rainiest part of the year. Your digestive system becomes less effective when you receive less sunshine. People decide to fast during the month as a result. They often fast on the first Monday of this month.

Reason to refrain from shaving

This scientific explanation for Shravan masa is somewhat unexpected, don't you think? The monsoon may cause the razors to rust, which is the reason to avoid shaving this month. It might infect you if you use it. 


Therefore, each myth in Hinduism is more than just a story. If you pay close attention to the ceremonies, you might uncover a scientific explanation for Shravan masa. Such scientifically grounded laws were created by the saints of old, and they are still in use today. 

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