Some psychological facts about attracting people

In my opinion, if you have good intentions and self-belief you are the most attractive person. And moreover, you can attract anyone if you know who you are. I want all of you to increase your confidence and live happily.

Dec 5, 2021 - 22:51
Some psychological facts about attracting people

1. Wear Red

The colour red makes men feel more energized towards a woman. Research has shown that the attraction to colour can become red because of social conditioning.

2. Scent can be super important

When two people are into each other, they'll love each other's scents. There are subtle cues our body sends out to express attraction and also to attract others.

3. Make the first move

People that make the first move often appear more attractive to a potential partner, and often feel more attracted to their prospective partner.

4. Similarity

We tend to be attracted to people who look like us. The more the other person resembles ourselves, the more trustworthy we find that person.

5. Mirroring behaviour

Studies have found that when people are attracted to each other, they will often mirror each other’s movements and body positioning when speaking or being in close proximity to each other.

6. Self-assurance can win people over

When someone with a confident aura walks in, heads turn. And it allows others to feel comfortable around you.

7. Eye contact

Making eye contact indicates intentionality and interest. Next time you are on a date, maintain eye contact. You might get a second date.

8. Blushing

One of the last factors for attraction is blushing. In the context of dating, it means that you are interested.

9. The more attracted you are to someone, the easier it is for them to make you laugh.

10. People see you as 20% more attractive than you think you are.

11. Women are automatically more attracted to guys who make an effort to start the conversation, showing initiative and consistency.

12. Women are more attracted to men wearing blue, and men are more attracted to women wearing red.

13. Humour is associated with intelligence and honesty. This is why we are attracted to people with a sense of humour.

14. Never place yourself in a position where you need people. Not for company. Not for cash. Not for sex. You could want people. But never need them.

15. Be scarce. Posting every 1hr on Facebook doesn't make you attractive. Familiarity is sure as hell breeds contempt.

16. Whatever your dress sense is; be clean.

17. Be what others aspire to be. That means being in shape, being on top of your career, and of course; being rich.

18. Stare people in the eyes while talking with them, always cut to the point, and try to be the one who ends the conversation wherever possible.

19. Never discuss other people behind their backs except you are talking good about them.

20. Never discuss your problems. If you must talk about yourself; use self-deprecating humour or say modestly positive things.

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