The Elephant Whisperers: Oscar for Best Documentary Short

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Mar 13, 2023 - 20:10
Mar 13, 2023 - 20:11

'The Elephant Whisperers' has won the Best Documentary Short at the 95th Academy Award. Kartiki Gonsalves directs the movie and it was her directorial debut. The film was released on 8th December 2022 and is available on Netflix.

The Cinematography in the film is excellent and will keep you glued to the screen. The director has done a phenomenal job, managing the limitations of shooting in the forest and producing great visuals.

The Film begins with some eye-catching scenes from the forest and a short description of the Whisperers Bomman and Bellie. Raghu and Ammu the baby elephants who are orphans are taken care of by Bomman and Bellie, they share a commonality despite being humans and animals. 

The sacrifice the Whisperers have made for the elephants is immense; they have decided to dedicate their lives to care for them. The scenes of elephants trained to play football, bathe, and express feelings are eye soothing. 

But, when everything is going suitable for the four of them a twist arrives in their life and is enough to get your eyes wet. 

Director - Kartiki Gonsalves

Cast- Raghu, Ammu, Bomman and Bellie

IMDb rating - 7.3/10 

OTT- Netflix

Genre- Documentary Short

Runtime- 41 minutes

Release Date - 8 December 2022

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