Understanding The Ayurveda Behind Ages-Old Haircare Secrets To Achieve Healthy Hair

It might be difficult to take care of your hair frequently. Particularly considering the rising pollutants and potential hormonal changes in your body. Fortunately, despite all the unfavorable circumstances, taking proper care of your hair is still achievable. We offer some of the most helpful hair care advice that may keep your hair healthy in this blog. So let's get going.

Jun 9, 2023 - 09:25
Jun 9, 2023 - 12:28
Understanding The Ayurveda Behind Ages-Old Haircare Secrets To Achieve Healthy Hair

Hair Types and Their Concerns

One of the most popular regimens in holistic wellness is haircare, but people sometimes forget that various hair types have varied requirements. If the therapy is inappropriate, it can make the hair problems worse rather than better. Based on a dominant dosha, which determines hair type and subsequent worries resulting from an imbalance, Ayurveda provides us with a directory that divides hair kinds into three fundamental categories. Understanding the challenges on our path to healthy hair becomes simpler as we learn to identify with a certain hair type. We believe we are better equipped to confront them with original answers.

Vata Hair

The Vata dosha, which is made up of the components of air and space, is linked to coolness, lightness and movement, and dryness. The dominant Vata dosha is characterized by wavy, thin hair, which exhibits these same characteristics. Due to Vata's tendency toward dryness, the scalp frequently lacks moisture, which leads to dandruff and itching and makes hair brittle, frizzy, and dull. Additionally, because of its high porosity, which rapidly absorbs hazardous compounds from cosmetics, the scalp is susceptible to dangerous substances. When left imbalanced or undernourished, hair fall is a regular issue in Vata hair. This frequently goes along with split ends and quick thinning.

Pitta Hair