Unexplored Places In India That You Must Visit!

India is a vast country with sheer diversity in its culture and traditions. This South Asian country has an enormous set of awe-inspiring places to amaze visitors, some of which are still left untouched and unexplored due to the vague character of these destinations. So, if you are looking forward to a trip that no one else has done before, we have made your work a lot easier by shortlisting some of the best unexplored places to visit in India.

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Unexplored Places In India That You Must Visit!

It would be a fair bet if we said that there would be no tour guides to hover around and make the experience chaotic. The journey will be all about you, so leave your worries behind and embark on an adventure to explore the unexplored and feel free in the peace, serenity, and experience offered by the offbeat destinations in India. Given below is the list of our picks for the five hidden gems of India:-


 Gujarat Day State level function to take place in Patan on 1st May |  DeshGujarat

For people who love visiting heritage sites, Patan, an ancient city, is a step back in time that has been embedded with nearly 100 Jain temples, forts, and lakes. Patan's Rani Ka Vav, which has been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a stepwell, built in the early 11th century with intricate carvings with Mara-Gurjara style of architecture. It consists of over 500 beautifully detailed sculptures and seven levels of stairs.

Patan is also well known for producing some of the world's most famous saris, which are handwoven and incorporate the finest skills and details; don't miss out on purchasing a Patola sari! The best time to visit this beautiful, offbeat destination in India is between October and March, as the weather seems favorable. 


Offbeat destinations of Darjeeling, Singalila & Sandakphu trek, Sandakphu.  | North Bengal Tourism

Being located at the highest peak of West Bengal at a heart-fluttering elevation of 3636 meters, Sandakphu can be referred to as one of the most unexplored places to visit in India. The term "Sandakphu" translates as "the height of the poisonous plants, and the place is named so after the lethal wolfsbane plants that grow in abundance near the peak. However, the breathtaking vista of four of the highest peaks in the world—Kanchenjunga, Everest, Makalu, and Lhotse—makes the experience worthwhile. The peak can be reached by trekking through dense forests and valleys of utmost calm and tranquillity.


Hotel In Bhandardara Near Kalsubai | Hotel Near Randha waterfall | Hotel  Near Wilson Dam Bhandardara

Bhandardra is a holiday resort village that is embedded in the Ahmednagar district of the state of Maharashtra. Laying over 185 kilometers away from Mumbai, Bhandardra is referred to as the trekkers' paradise due to its lavish, thick flora and aromatic environment. The village is endowed with two spectacular waterfalls: Randha Falls and Wilson Falls, commonly known as the Umbrella Falls. About 11 kilometers northwest of the Bhandardra dam stands the mighty Kalsubai Peak, which is the highest in Maharashtra and offers the possibility of trekking. The dam is built on the Pravara River about 150 meters above ground, creating a reservoir known as Bhandardra Lake or Arthur Lake is often used for boating.


Kanatal - Offbeat Hill-Station Near Mussoorie | Uttarakhand Tourism

Amidst the coniferous trees at a staggering altitude of 2590 meters lays the lush greenery and sun-kissed mountains. Kanatal has a lot to offer, from spotting wildlife and safaris in the wilderness of the Kodai forest to trekking through the jungle trails, camping, rappelling, and a lot more. To enjoy your stay to the fullest and experience the local village life of Kanatal, you can stay at one of the many Pahadi houses or homestays. The Surkanda Devi temple which is dedicated to the goddess Sati can also be visited while on sightseeing excursions.


mechuka valley arunachal pradesh, अरुणाचल प्रदेश की इस वैली की तस्वीरें देख  भूल जाएंगे कश्मीर की खूबसूरती - in pictures mechuka most beautiful valley  in arunachal pradesh - Navbharat Times

Mechuka is a small town in Arunachal Pradesh with awe-inspiring vistas of snow-capped peaks, lush green nature, and, friendly local tribesmen. The place is a home of a 400-year-old  Samten Yongcha monastery, spending time in the monastery is one of the many things to do in Mechuka. The town is one of the most unexplored places to visit in India which offers a tranquil and soothing pace of life in contrast to the bustling lifestyle of frantic cities. Flowing through the valley is the mighty river Siyom. People who crave adventure can go river rafting under the bamboo bridges that are situated over the raging Siyom River.

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