Varisu (2023) - Movie | Trailer , Review: A family entertainer audiences crave for | Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Vijay has always been about creating something which is full of action, comedy, and romance. But in between, he never forgets his audience and the charm for which he is liked on the screen.

Mar 3, 2023 - 15:32
Mar 3, 2023 - 15:33

Varisu (2023) - Movie | Review: A family entertainer audiences crave for | Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Ratings 3.5/5

The story takes you in, only after the introduction of Vijay (also Vijay in the movie) and the film would pace itself nicely leaving you filled with emotions of empathy, love, and care. The movie revolves around a businessman who has to announce the heir to his business and the chairman of his company. He has three sons of which Vijay is the youngest his father does not consider him for this role, due to his rebellious nature and he left his home 7 years ago. He has built his own start-up which is now a unicorn. Vijay is forced to come back home and take on the responsibilities of the family. Apart from the family issues the competitors in the business are also a headache for our protagonist, but Vijay would take care of all in his own style with humor and love.


Prakash Raj as a villain is good and gets into his character with ease and will not disappoint you with his performance. Rashmika Mandhana's performance is below average and feels as if some of the scenes including her were unnecessary in the later part. Jayasudha as Vijay's mother has done an exceptional job with her dialogue timing and expressions. Sharath Kumar as Vijay's father brings toughness to his character with his gestures and dialogue. 


      A must-watch if you are looking for a movie that does not have too much of everything and a bit of everything.

      Full of emotions, drama, and action.

      A lot of hard work has been done on Cinematography and location.

      Vijay's performance is a big positive, apart from Vijay there are very few who could have left such an impact in this kind of role

      The story has nothing that is new for the audience but will keep you intact in your seats.


      The length of the movie is a concern as it may at some point feel lengthy to a few.

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