Why did Mumbai police arrest reporter Arnab Goswami?

“Does the nation want to know? क्या सच में पूछता है भारत?”

Nov 6, 2020 - 05:12
Nov 6, 2020 - 05:17
Why did Mumbai police arrest reporter Arnab Goswami?
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Why did Mumbai police arrest the chief editor of Republic Bharat and the truest journalist Mr Arnab Goswami? 

Sorry if we hurt your feelings by calling Mr Arnab, the truest journalist, who shows off to stand with late Sushant Singh Rajput and against Rhea. He did everything to stop BMC to destroyed Kangana Ranaut's luxurious office, and unfortunately, the nation does not listen to him.

If we gauge his journalism career, then he marked an indelible name in this field. He has started his news channel, but he also abolished his status in society by his harsh and abusive language. You do not need to spread negativity and use offensive language to show the fake identity of others. You can win a war by staying in the confines of your values. 

He had done everything to take advantage of Sushant Singh’s case, just to highlight and upvote his channel. He claimed Rhea was the culprit in SSR’s case without seeing her trail in the court. There is an adage - one who digs a grave for others falls himself into it.  

We do not have any idea who is the main culprit in Mr Arnab’s case, the Maharashtra government, Mumbai police, Mr Arnab, or the nation. 

Yes, we are the ones who spread those WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, or Instagram’s IGTV without googling the truth. We, the nation, always stand with the truth, and this time, we will take time to analyze reality. We will not support anyone without knowing the real truth. 

We are with Mr Arnab if he pledges to share real news and keep his tongue clean. On the contrary, we are with Mumbai police if they share authentic proofs against Mr Arnab. This time, no Sushant Singh Rajput will abolish his life in the influence of few illiterate people.

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