10 points remember before buying a cooler!

Summer has arrived and so has the ever-increasing wreath of the temperature. In the majority of Indian cities, the daytime temperature has reached or is approaching 40 degrees. If you're looking to buy a cooler to combat the heat, here are some pointers to help you make the right choice.

Apr 18, 2023 - 18:52
Apr 20, 2023 - 20:39
10 points remember before buying a cooler!

Decide between desert coolers and personal coolers.

Effective cooling depends on choosing the proper kind of cooler. Personal coolers are appropriate for tiny and medium-sized rooms. Desert coolers could be a better choice for bigger areas. This sizing chart is provided for your consideration.

Personal coolers in rooms 150 to 300 square feet in size

larger-than-300-square-foot rooms: desert coolers 

Tank capacity for water

In air coolers, the size of the water tank is crucial. The calculation, in this case, is easy: The tank capacity will increase with the cooler size. For efficient cooling, always select an air cooler with a larger capacity than the room's size.

compact spaces: 15 liters 

rooms of average size: 25 liters

rooms with bigger space: 40 liters or more


Where do you need to put the cooler?

If you want to put a cooler outside the room, on your lawn, or on your terrace, choose Desert Coolers. Tower coolers or personal coolers are more suited for indoor uses.


Consider the surrounding climate while making decisions.


In arid climates, desert coolers are more efficient. Personal/tower coolers are typically more efficient in humid environments.

Examine the noise level.

Some coolers are excessively loud. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is crucial to evaluate the cooler's noise level. Check the noise level at the fan's highest speed, too.

Look for the auto-fill feature.

A cooler's refilling process might be laborious. Choose coolers with an autofill feature. They reportedly offer greater and more effective cooling in addition to being simple to maintain. Additionally, the auto-fill function will stop the tank from running completely dry, protecting the motor from harm.


The effectiveness of cooling pads

One of a cooler's most essential components is the cooling pad. For coolers, many kinds of cooling pads are available. Wool wood, aspen pads, and honeycomb pads are the most popular types. The honeycomb cooling pads are superior to the other two because they provide long-lasting cooling and require less upkeep.

An additional ice chamber boosts cooling.

Some cooler makers have given their products a specialized ice chamber for quicker cooling. To swiftly chill the water in the tank, you can add ice cubes to them.

Consumption of electricity

Consider power efficacy. Modern coolers typically have inverter technology, which enables them to continue operating in the event of a power outage.

You may search for other features like a remote control or a mosquito filter, for example.

These days, coolers come with extra functions like remote control, mosquito protection, dust filters, etc. If money is not an issue, look into them.

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