11 Interesting & Amazing Facts about Lord Krishna, Everyone should know

There are not only stories in Hindu mythology. In this store, you get the logic of some truths related to life.

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11 Interesting & Amazing Facts about Lord Krishna, Everyone should know
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Krishna was clearly 'the dude' in the Puranic tradition. One of his 108 names was ‘Mohan’. Yes, his 108 names are interest and hidden facts about Krishna. The name ‘Mohan’ means 'bewitching' and 'a charmer'. Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is known for his cute gestures. Krishna is deemed the God for Kalyug (current era) because he is cunning, business-minded, practical, fearless, and lover. By his butter thief looks, Krishna wins a lot of hearts. By contrast, being a charioteer guide, Krishna helped Arjun in Mahabharat. With his business mind, practical nature, and guidelines of Mahabharata, Krishna is helping Kaliyug warriors to find their path amid life's battle. 

However, our lord Krishna is so much more than that. Here are 11 interest and hidden facts about the legendary mythological character, Lord Krishna. 

1. Krishna is everywhere and known by his 108 names.

Some call him Gopal, and some remember him as Govind, Devakinandan, Mohan, Shyam, Ghanshyam, Hari, Girdhari, Baanke Bihari to name a few. 

2. Krishna had 16,108 wives, but Radha was the only one in his mind and heart. 

Lord Krishna was the husband of 16,108 wives in total, in which eight were his principal wives known as 'Ashtabharya' namely Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra, Lakshmana. Lord Krishna rescued 16,100 women from the clutches of a demon Narakasura, who forcibly kept them in captivity in his palace.

Lord Krishna not only saved women, but he gave them his name to protect their honour. However, Lord Krishna never had any relations with his 16,100 wives. 

3. The pain of destroying my clan will also burn you, Krishna, the words of Queen Gandhari. 

Queen of Gandhari lost her 100 sons in the Kurukshetra war. When the queen was burning in pain, she spitefully cursed Krishna that he and the Yadu dynasty would perish in 36 years. Krishna, who was aware of all these actions, calmly accepted his fate and said "Tathastu" (So be it) at the end of the Queen's declaration.

4. Krishna skin colour is Sawara Salona (Dark), not blue

Krishna's beauty is not limited to folklore only. People feel their beauty even in this era. In the pictures and sculptures, the colour of Krishna is pictured as blue. However, his skin colour was dark. Spiritualists believe that the colour of Krishna's all-inclusive, magnetic aura was blue, so he is usually depicted as blue.

5. In return for imparting knowledge, Krishna brought his Guru Sandipani Muni's son alive. 

Guru Sandipani Muni was the teacher of Krishna and Balarama. In return for imparting knowledge, Guru Dakshina urged the brothers to restore his beloved dead son, who had disappeared in an ocean near Prabhasa. Balaram and Krishna travelled to the spot and learned that their Guru’s son was kidnapped by a demon who lived inside a conch named Panchajanya. Krishna and Balarama succeeded in their task with the help of Yama (God of Death) and restored their Guru's son's life.  

6. Krishna's blow on his conch, Panchajanya, was the slogan of war for the Pandavas and Kauravas in Kurukshetra. 

Krishna's conch was named Panchjanya, which had spread powerful and energetic reverberations. Krishna blew his conch to signal the start of the war between Pandavas and Kauravas. By contrast, in the end, Krishan’s conch symbolizes the victory of dharma (righteousness).

7. The relationship between Krishna and the Pandavas was not only till the war, and they were attached to the heart.

Kunti is the mother of the Pandavas, and she was the paternal aunt of Lord Krishna. Kunti was Vasudev's sister, who was Krishna's father. 

8. Krishna killed Eklavya in the war, who was his cousin. 

Eklavya was the son of Devsharavu, who was Vasudev’s brother. When Eklavya had mastered the art of archery, Dronacharya asked him to cut off his right thumb as his fee. After cutting off his right thumb, Eklavya got a boon from Lord Krishna.

Krishna did all this because he was aware that Ekalavya could kill Arjuna in the war. Eklavya was not wrong, but unfortunately, he was standing against the right people. If you are not dishonest but support the devil's, your end will be as painful as theirs.

9. The love of Krishna Radha is enshrined in every heart. But why was there no mention of Krishna Radha consort in the ancient scriptures?

Krishna loves and admires Radha to the point of devotion. Many images have shown Krishna worshipping Radha. But interestingly, many spiritualists do not see any trace of Radha in the Shrimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharata, Harivansham, which portray Krishna's life. Many have found Radha's name in the work of Acharya Nimbark and poet Jayadeva. On the other hand, some read about Radha in the Rigveda and other Puranas. 

10. Radha Krishna, the form of love, legitimizes premarital sex in modern India. 

In March 2010, the Supreme Court declared that premarital sex was not a crime. The court argued that according to mythology, Radha-Krishna, the symbol of love and purity, lived together without marriage. 

11. Whoever is born will also die - Krishna's Adharma against Vali, the curse of Queen Gandhari and Durvasa become the reason for his death. 

Krishna died due to the culmination of many curses. Above, you have read Queen Gandhari and her curses. Krishna was also cursed by the sage Durvasa, who told Krishna to apply Kheer all over his body. Krishna obeyed Durvasa's order, and he did not apply Kheer on Durvasa's feet because they were resting on the ground. Enraged, Durvasa cursed Krishna that his death would be connected to his feet. 

After Gandhari’s curse, Lord Krishna went into yoga samadhi under a tree. Mistakenly, Krishna was killed by Jara, an animal hunter. He shot an arrow into Krishna's foot and gave him a way to go from earth to heaven. After discovering his mistake, Jara begged for forgiveness. However, Krishna revealed that in Tretayug as Ram, Krishna and Jara were Vali (Sugreeva's brother). In Tretayug, Ram had deceived Vali by shooting him from his back. Ram incarnated as Krishna to reap the result of his karma. Vali had been reincarnated as Jara to kill Krishna. 

There are not only stories in Hindu mythology. In this store, you get the logic of some truths related to life.

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