5 life-changing TEDx talks you cant miss.

Here are some of the best shortlisted TEDx Talks. 1. Shashi Tharoor 2. Mithila Palkar 3. Sparsh S…..

Mar 26, 2023 - 11:24
Mar 26, 2023 - 12:17
5 life-changing TEDx talks you cant miss.
Shashi Tharoor: A well Educated mind vs a well-formed mind.
The Former Education Minister of India will take you through the journey of Indian education. And will explain to you the education system and the changes we need to apply to our education system. He speaks of creating the environment around us to develop a well-formed mind, which adapts to situations and thinks about innovative and creative ideas with the aim of problem-solving. He also talks about how India is about to gain its previous reputation as 'Vishwaguru'.

Sparsh Shah: How a 13-year-old changed 'Impossible' to 'I am Possible'.
Struggling to start something new? or not having enough confidence and courage? or procrastination is not letting you through?  then you must surely listen to this and it will change your life forever. The 13-year-old speaker Sparsh Shah will tell you his story and despite all his difficulties and disabilities how he overcame and did all the things he always wanted to. He is a songwriter, rapper, singer, and child prodigy.

Mithila Palkar: It is ok to not have a plan.
The singer and actress will tell you about how not having a plan can also be a plan that will help you to see life from a broader perspective. Sometimes the plan you set for yourself is too small for your actual destination and can restrain you from achieving higher goals. 

Animesh Gupta: A dialogue log to kill the fear of public speaking.
Fearful of speaking in public? You must surely listen to this masterpiece by Animesh Gupta, who talks of all the consequences, regrets, and missed opportunities due to not being able to speak in front of an audience or even not being able to communicate your thoughts to someone.

Josh Kaufman: The first 20 hours – how to learn anything.
Want to learn a new skill? and not sure how much time will it take to learn a new skill and be good at it. just listen to this Ted talk by Josh Kaufman who explains how only 20 hours can change your life forever.

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