7 Best Budget-Friendly Destinations To Visit In India

India is a nation of stunning landscapes, breathtaking vistas, delectable cuisine, and exciting activities. There are several locations, from the North to the South, where you may have heart-stirring experiences without breaking the bank. Here is a list of locations in India that can be visited on a tight budget.

May 4, 2023 - 20:56
May 6, 2023 - 13:46
7 Best Budget-Friendly Destinations To Visit In India

We all have experienced the urge to skip work or school and go with pals to unknown locations when long weekends or vacations draw near.

When you navigate through social media and view your friends' and coworkers' vacation photos, do you feel envious? There are several destinations that are affordable where you may unwind with your family during the weekend. Plan for inexpensive vacations that are well-known and unusual that will provide you with a spellbinding experience.

There are many inexpensive tours you may choose from in India if you only have a few thousand rupees in your wallet. There are several locations from east to west and north to south that are just waiting to be discovered. These popular low-cost spots make the little getaways completely rewarding!

Here are a few of the top examples of inexpensive vacations in India in 2019. Although it is impossible to visit every location on the list below, the majority of them will be very convenient for most travelers.

1. Alleppey - The Venice of Eastern India