What are some lies related to the Big boss show?

How can these so-called celebrities be washing dishes when they don't know how to maintain healthy communication?

Oct 4, 2020 - 01:23
What are some lies related to the Big boss show?
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The big boss is one of those reality shows that are known for their so-fake-trying-to-be-real-celebrities. That is what some males think whenever their females don't give them attention because of Big Boss. So, do you want to know the reality behind the Big boss? We mean the white reality, not scripted one. Here we have revealed some lies to differentiate the real faces of Big Boss 14 contestants. 


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  1. Who is fighting for real things or who is shouting for votes?
  2. When there is no alcohol in the show, then why these contestants cannot control their tongue.
  3. There is a rumour that the contestants know who is going to win the show. Unfortunately, there's an external auditor from the channel to gauge the audience votes and try to be fair.
  4. There is a bouncer present at the door to entice the contestants with chicken rolls, momos, red velvet shake, etc., so they can find a way to run. Don't worry; we're joking. The bouncer or you can say guard is for providing services like ambulance, doctors, and psychiatrists.
  5. No contestants have permission to do gossip with the outside world.
  6. We have told you earlier, these celebrities in the big boss house get fresh-cleaned clothes every month.
  7. There is a team of camera operators who monitor audio and video, so you can hear what Rashmi had said about Shehnaz and Sidharth. 

Since Salman Khan is a host of the show, among many other things, I'm sure he will add a little drop of reality in the big boss 14. Let's see what Big Boss 14 has, Punjab's Katrina Kaif Shehnaz Gill, or Angry young man Sidharth Shukla.  

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