Everyone is eagerly anticipating Holi, the festival of colors, which will soon be celebrated, especially for children. As we get ready for the festival, we must be aware of recklessness and ignorance, a lot of accidents happen every year during the festival, and so here are some for you to follow this Holi and be safe;

Mar 4, 2023 - 18:24
Mar 6, 2023 - 18:50
The celebration of colors known as Holi will be observed this year on March 7 and 8. We should not neglect safety while we get ready to joyfully paint our loved ones with color and dance to Bollywood tunes.

If you wish to take part in the event peacefully and healthily, keep in mind the following advice and crucial safety precautions:
  • Choose natural hues: It is better to stay with natural colors that are mild on your skin because synthetic or permanent colors might hurt your skin and hair. If natural colors are not available, be sure to get your color packets from a reliable vendor.
  • Apply creams or moisturizers- While experimenting with color, it is a good idea to carefully oil your hair and apply a cream to your face.
  • Wear old, scratched clothing: This is a proverb that is also crucial for preventing stains on your favorite clothing. Before the Holi celebrations, save outdated garments that you don't mind wearing and save them for later disposal.
  • Wear your shades or glasses- Put on sunglasses to protect your eyes from chemicals and wetness. Because of their acute sensitivity during Holi, eyes are a prime target for water balloons and water guns. Hence, if you want to safeguard your vision from dangerous toxins, wear shades.
  • Have a dip at the end: Once the events are complete, take a shower rather than often bathing or cleaning your face between activities. Your skin and hair may get dry if you use soap and wash often.
So, enjoy your fests hassle-free, and make sure you follow these steps to keep yourself safe and sound. Consequently, protecting ourselves safely is crucial to prevent any unforeseen accidents from destroying the holiday mood. So, enjoy your fests hassle-free, and make sure you follow these steps to keep yourself safe and sound.

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