While it may sound intimidating, it is really rather easy to ensure that the very first meal has a balanced number of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and is high in vitamins and minerals.

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Mar 11, 2023 - 23:02
Breakfast is the most important meal of the DAY as it is the initial start of your day and makes it energetic so it is very important for you to begin with a healthy and fresh start so that you don’t feel lazy for your entire day. Here, are a few recipes that you can choose to have in your breakfast. They will surely make your day happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

1. Use whole-grain flour over refined ones. Compared to all-purpose kinds, they contain more nutrients, protein, and fiber. Avoiding vast amounts of salt and sugar is considerably simpler when you prepare your own meals. To entice us, processed meals are laced with sugar, salt, and harmful fats, in addition to the artificial preservatives and colors that are added.

2. Fruit/Vegetable bowl- Choose colorful fruits and/or vegetables. Foods' natural hues serve as a visual representation of various phytonutrients. For instance, foods that are orange, like carrots or sweet potatoes, are high in beta-carotene, but foods that are purple or blue are rich in anthocyanins. Attempt to consume the rainbow!

3. Rava Idli- South Indian food for breakfast like idli or even a plain dosa is a great idea as they are light food and are easy to digest. They fulfill your stomach and give you a tasty and yummy flavor in your mouth.

4. Sandwiches- Sandwiches are also a good option for your breakfast, especially when they are made with veggies and a bit of cheese. They become healthier when they are prepared with multigrain or whole wheat bread or even brown bread.

5. Besan/Suji/Rava Cheela- Cheela is like a thin layer of a chapatti made with a variety of things like rava, suji, besan, rice, etc. They are very healthy for morning breakfast as they are light to eat and you can add your favorite vegetables to them to give them more flavor and taste.

6. Upma- Upma is made with suji (semolina) and you can add your favorite chopped veggies to it to make it healthier and tastier.  

7. Poha- Poha is a Marathi dish that fulfills your stomach till lunchtime and gives you a healthy and yummy start for the day.  

8. Plain Paranthas- you can also have plain parathas with chai or milk in the morning as in your breakfast because they are not heavy but consuming aloo parathas can be a bit heavy to start your day, so you can have plain parathas.

9. Bread Butter- Bread and butter with chai, milk, or coffee is also a good option to have in your busy morning schedule.

10. Oats and Sprouts- oats and sprouts are full of energy and proteins for a healthy start to the day and are good for your body as well.

All of these above recipes are healthy and free of oil and will not affect your body in the wrong way. You can go with this stress-free and make your tasty and nutritious.

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