Why is Ranveer Singh requesting NCB to allow him to be present with Deepika while investigation?

To understand the question 1st understand why this question arose and who are the persons mentioned in the question

Sep 25, 2020 - 23:36
Sep 25, 2020 - 23:47
Why is Ranveer Singh requesting NCB to allow him to be present with Deepika while investigation?

Why summoned by NCB -
After the arrest of Mr. Showik and Ms. Riya along with some drugs suppliers by NCB, some more names came from the Bollywood industry who are consuming banned drugs. Among the names, Mrs. Deepika is one of them.

Deepika Padukone - She is the leading actor in the female category of Bollywood. Her acting skill is highly appreciated by movie critics. When she debuted in Bollywood, she was introduced by her father’s name(Prakash Padukone Ji). Within a short time, she made her own identity, and then no one recognizes her with her father’s name. She became an example for strugglers and newcomers.

Ranveer Singh - He is the upcoming superstar and Bollywood top director’s fav choice for their movie. He was impressed all most all critics and film experts with his extraordinary talent. In November 2018 he married Deepika Padukone.

Why Ranveer requested the NCB to stay along with Deepika - As per the request letter submitted by Ranveer after the guidance by their lawyer, He mentioned that Mrs. Deepika is suffering from anxiety and sometimes panic attack. To overcome this situation he requested to stay with her while the investigation.


Now some questions -

why this request came from Ranveer - There are some possibilities that are like

  1. To create an environment where the NCB will sympathetic to her while the interrogation.
  2. To get attention from the public that she is suffering from disease and she needs rest not interrogation.
  3. If anything went wrong in the interrogation, then on FastTrack mode they can get bail on the basis of her disease.
  4. With the health issue, NCB may allow her doctor to accommodate her which can help her to avoid or overcome any bad situation in the name of health issues.
  5. Mr. Ranveer is looking for a person who can accommodate her while the interrogation. So that he/she can support her wherever she stuck or feel helpless. Because if it is true that she consumes drugs then the person with this habit, becomes nervous and helpless while questionnaires session.

Is it possible -

  1. For the common man, it is not possible. If everyone asking for this kind of request then it will be difficult for the investigation department to find the truth.
  2. If the NCB allows then along with Mrs. Deepika a doctor can be allowed.
  3. No advocate should allow as this is just an interrogation, not any criminal proceeding.

what went wrong -

  1. Those who accused late SSR that he was a loser as he was suffering from this kind of trouble and decease which Mrs. Deepika is suffering, Now we will see how those persons will react to this.
  2. If Mrs. Deepika will get support from her husband or advocate or doctor in the interrogation, is it fair to grant permission by NCB? What if Rhea and Showik will ask the same. As they are not superstars like her, so the legal relaxation is not for them.
  3. Mr. Prakash Padukone was one of the sportspersons who brought glory for India in the international badminton. The media person almost forgot him and his contribution. But now to make this news so spicy and interesting they are continuously highlighting Prakash Ji's name in their news telecast.
  4. It is so bad that so many youngsters are making these actors as their ideal when they have ample examples in the society to whom they can make their ideal. Instead of an army man, Policeman, Beruercrats, sportspersons, and social workers, youngsters are following these actors whoso lifestyle is all about fakes and lies like their movies.

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