For Strange Reason, When Some Celebrities Banned by Their own Country

Unethical reasons celebrities banned by country won the hearts of many. Famous celebrities who banned are from different parts of the world

Jun 30, 2021 - 12:49
May 2, 2024 - 20:06
For Strange Reason, When Some Celebrities Banned by Their own Country

Banning celebrities for their behavior or breaking law and order in their country. Few were banned for revolutions that can bring changes to new generations’ thoughts were from some celebrities. Some were blamed for showing disrespect and hurting the sentiments of culture. Altogether for unethical reasons celebrities banned have won the hearts of many.

Celebrities who were banned from entering their countries

Most of the bans by the countries against the celebs are unjustified few of them are:

Lily Allen - 
One of the popular American singers, Lily Allen who was banned to enter the US. It was the shocking behaviour that she received from the authorities and stripped her visa. It is already known that she was detained by the customs officers for five hours. According to the singer, it was untrue that she had hit a photographer. When wanted to click some of her photos in the Melbourne airport.

As per the photographer’s allegations, she had kicked him out. While Lily Allen cleared the fact of pushing him out as he was jumping on her. On one allegation the celebrity’s visa was snatched by the US airport authority.  Massive disappointing fact for the 22-year-old singer was detained and banned by the country for one miserable allegation.

Taslima Nasrin
Her journey as a writer is an example of boldness when she had to leave her country. Her exile has crossed more than 25 years. Taslima Nasrin was attacked by her own community for her publication Lajja. Taslima was forced to leave Bangladesh in the year 1994 then she owned Swedish citizenship. Life was threatened she could not resist the physical attacks. Facing the furious anger of the Islamic community continues.

Being a medical student she has established herself as a physician, she studied medicine in Bangladesh. Her publication Lajja was based on the harassment and crimes against the Hindu community by the Muslims of Bangladesh. Unfolding the hidden crimes had led her to pay through exile. She believes that Kolkata, India is her home.

Dalai Lama
One of the religious rulers is Dalai Lama who had to face exile at an early age. He had fled to India and after receiving shelter India is his home. In 1959 he was forced to exile for his revolution and protests against the communist Chinese Invasions. It was in 1950, that they had invaded Tibet but they did not support the Chinese to rule over Tibet.

The spiritual leader is now 85 years old travelled all over the world. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. After leaving Tibet he started to live in Dharamshala. Finally, their revolution led to rising the of democracy in Tibet in 1963.

His dedication to his country has given a new sunrise to his people. He was awarded the Geshe Lharampa Degree. It is equivalent to a doctorate according to the Buddhist religious philosophy.

These are some of the top leading celebs who have been banned from their country. Being banned from own countries have been less but whenever it took place it was shocking. Reasons may be different but they could not enter their place of birth.

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