Top Santa Banta Jokes Part 3

Jun 18, 2022 - 19:19
Aug 7, 2022 - 17:53
Top Santa Banta Jokes Part 3

Empty Head!
A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of blood.

Trying to make the matter clearer, he said, "Now class, if I stood on my head, the blood as you know, would run into it and I should turn red in the face."

"Yes, sir," the class said.

"Then why is it that while I am standing upright in an ordinary position the blood doesn't run into my feet?"

Pappu shouted, "Cause your feet ain't empty."


A Red Duck
A kindergarten teacher handed out a coloring page to her class.

On it was a picture of a duck holding an umbrella. The teacher told her class to color the duck in yellow and the umbrella green, however, Pappu, the class rebel, colored the duck in a bright fire truck red.

After seeing this, the teacher asked him, "Pappu, how many times have you seen a red duck?"

Young Pappu replied with, "The same number of times I've seen a duck holding an umbrella."


Pappu's Honesty
A lady lost her handbag in the bustle of shopping. It was found by Pappu and returned to her.

Looking in her purse, she commented, "Hmmm.... That's funny and strange. When I lost my bag there was a 500 rupee note in it. Now there are ten 50 rupee notes."

Pappu quickly replied, "That's right, lady. The last time I found a lady's purse, she didn't have any change for a reward."


Focus Hard!
Teacher: What is the name of the capital city of Punjab ?

Pappu: Amritsar.

Teacher: Pappu, you are wrong, you need to focus more on your studies.

Pappu: Please madam, can I ask you a few questions.

Teacher: Yes, go ahead.

Pappu: Do you know Jeeto ?

Teacher: No.

Pappu: Do you know Preeto ?

Teacher: No.

Pappu: Do you know Banto?

Teacher: (Angry) Hell no! Who are all these people and why do you ask ?

Pappu: Teacher, you need to Focus more on your husband.

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